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PeakStream specializes in the conceptualization and realization of Intranet, Extranet and Internet communication and collaboration solutions. In Video Conferencing Services by PeakStream, users can stream live video from their webcam or camcorder to their website or even record it onto the server.

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PeakStream aspires to perfect the human and technical aspects of communication over artificial media. We aim to be the market's leading provider of Web Video Conferencing solutions which embrace both the convenience of a telephone call and the intimacy of a physical face-to-face meeting. We will attain this position because clients value the unrivaled quality of products and services inherent to all PeakStream solutions.

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PeakStream is committed to delivering only the highest quality Live Video Conference Services to its clients.
We believe that the only way to achieve our ambition is through hard work, enduring devotion and extreme passion.
We recognise talent when we see it and are constantly on the lookout for people demonstrating self-reliance, good character and drive for excellence. If you think you are PeakStream material, have a look below for a job that suits you.

Currently there are no open positions at PeakStream. We would still be happy to receive your CV. We are an expanding comapany chances are the right position might become available shortly Aply for job at careers@peakstream.com