Roots in Education using Online Video Calling

We have roots in education, and believe that the most powerful technologies belong in the hands of teachers & students. In the classroom, or over the web, educational quality and effectiveness should be the same. With Online Video Calling , they are. Rich-media, interactive, face-to-face communications are central to the student experience and sense of classroom engagement. Our easy-to-implement PeakStream API facilitates integration with popular course management systems.

College & University using Online Video calling

PeakStream adds flavor and excitement to a wide variety of college-level activities, from course delivery and instruction, to online office hours for instructors. Students can use Online Video Calling PeakStream to facilitate group project meetings. Admissions departments expand their reach with online recruiting events and information sessions, admissions interviews, and community-building through Online Video Calling. And of course, in the classroom, PeakStream is ideally-suited for lecture capture and archiving for later playback..

K-12 Education

There are so many ways to use PeakStream in K-12 education! Distance learning from school-to-school, and school-to-home in order to serve homebound students. Virtual field trips to remote locations. Pen-pal video conferencing around the region, or from across continents. District administration, meetings, & professional development. Parent-teacher meetings and community presentations delivered live over the web, and recorded for later playback. It's all possible with Online Video Calling by PeakStream.

Uniquely PeakStream : One Way We’re Different

PeakStream is available as a subscription service for Online Video Calling, or an easy-to-manage on-premise server software solution. Select the implementation best suited to your needs and budget. WAN-based conferencing is not only a cost-effective alternative to hosted services over the long-term, but it allows for higher-quality conferencing with no concern for Internet bandwidth availability. Custom configure your own product by selecting video framerates, quality settings, and screen layout to suit a wide variety of individual needs.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use
  • No Downloads
  • eWhiteboard
  • Breakout Rooms
  • CMS Integration
  • Server Option