Healthcare & Telemedicine

Webcam Video Collaboration for Healthcare

Healthcare technology is about improving quality and availability of care while reducing costs. PeakStream takes collaboration Webcam Video to the desktop or mobile device, meeting the fast-paced demands of today's healthcare professionals - including the ability to communicate whenever & wherever they happen to be - in hospitals, remote clinics, mobile health environments, and more. Webcam Video is Ideal for patient pre-screenings, lectures, medical consultations, and continuing medical education. Reach assisted-living facilities, homes, or other locations where on-site visits may be difficult to schedule.

Medical Meetings & Consultation via Webcam

Online meetings through Webcam Video that incorporate live voice and video are cost-effective and time-efficient. They're also secure, private, and an ideal way to consult with remote patients or colleagues without having to arrange an in-person meeting. No proprietary equipment is required, so physicians and other medical professionals are completely mobile and still have access to critical information. With just a web browser, healthcare professionals have increased access to peers, patients, and knowledge like never before.

Continuing Medical Education using Webcam Video Conferencing

Continuing medical education with PeakStream's Webcam Video conferencing has the potential to be highly interactive and hands-on. A robust set of tools allows real-time instruction over the web to be as effective as traditional on-site training and education. With technology specifically designed to facilitate interactive online training, it's easy and efficient for disseminating medical knowledge, demonstrating and diagramming procedures, or to share case studies with colleagues or physician.

Uniquely PeakStream: One Way We're Different

Despite a myriad of modern technology and instrumentation, medical professionals agree that there's virtually no substitute to face-to-face interaction and patient examination for diagnosis, treatment, and human connection. PeakStream is one of the few platforms for web communication that combines ease-of-access with high quality (and high definition) Webcam Video capabilities that allow a healthcare provider to truly observe medical conditions in an online environment.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use
  • No Downloads
  • Live Video
  • Custom Branding
  • Web-based
  • Server Option