The Changing Nature of Industry using Video Software

In today's global economy, manufacturers' best opportunities also represent the source of some of their greatest challenges: distributed production & storage facilities, international supply chains, and the ever-changing demand for labor. The key to leveraging the new realities of industry is to facilitate communication and connection between those points of operation, enabling them to work in concert with one another. With PeakStream Video Software, manufacturers stay nimble with communications capabilities when and where they're needed for design reviews, product planning, and HR & training.

Meetings & Conferencing for Business through Video Software

As a service, or as an on-premise server solution hosted in a centralized company datacenter, secure collaboration is easy and reliable with PeakStream . Although many manufacturing organizations previously relied on the setup of specialized ISDN hardware-based videoconferencing platforms in each facility, PeakStream allows instant web meetings via Video Software with no setup. There's no proprietary hardware, and joining a meeting requires only a web browser and broadband access to the Internet. It's perfect for everyday business meetings, and offers the flexibility that manufacturing organizations require in order to react to change and respond to opportunities.

Staff Training & Education

Live online training with Video Software by PeakStream is a hands-on and effective way to quickly educate remote personnel. It's also incredibly cost-effective. Relevant features for training professionals include breakout groups, testing & assessment, and archiving. Use PeakStream Video Software as a standalone solution, or as a complement to existing methods and curriculum. All the benefits of face-to-face instruction, but over the web. PeakStream allows participants to feel like they're in the same room. Use PeakStream API to connect to packaged or custom Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Uniquely PeakStream : One Way We’re Different

PeakStream Video Software is available as a subscription service, or an easy-to-manage on-premise server software solution. Select the implementation best suited to your needs and budget. WAN-based conferencing is not only a cost-effective alternative to hosted services over the long-term, but it allows for higher-quality conferencing with no concern for Internet bandwidth availability. Custom configure your own product by selecting video frame rates, quality settings, and screen layout to suit a wide variety of individual needs.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use
  • No Downloads
  • Web-Based
  • Screen sharing
  • Server Option