Software Development

Our Capabilities As Part of Your Product Suite

PeakStream is more than a standalone product for Live Cam communications. It's a versatile platform, complete with well-documented APIs, designed to facilitate licensing & partnership with OEM developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). PeakStream technology and components have been integrated or bundled with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suites, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Video on Demand (VOD) solutions, as well as countless custom software applications.

Server Licensing for Deeper Customization

PeakStream API facilitates integration of our Live Cam communications and management capabilities for both the subscription service and our on-premise server software. However, for maximum branding and customization, deployment of a private PeakStream Enterprise Server solution may be the right choice - one that few other companies even offer. In contrast, enterprise server licensing, support, and Partnership is where we specialize. And, what can't be accomplished using our API may be possible with Digital Samba professional services offerings.

PeakStream Live Cam Software for Internal Development, Meetings

PeakStream helps software development teams who don't work in the same office, but must stay connected for everyday business meetings and review. In fact, with easy-to-use screensharing via PeakStream Live Cam software , it's simple to share notes, and even code, so that others can see it, comment, markup, and alter it in real-time. Also try PeakStream Live Cam software for remote support of clients, channel partners, and field personnel who need professional IT assistance over the web.

Uniquely PeakStream : One Way We’re Different

Global technology analyst Gartner estimates that, "by 2010, 60% of companies using Web conferencing will acquire this capability as part of a larger suite of applications." * We're one of the few companies that remains focused on success and distribution of PeakStream Live Cam software technology through Partnership. Therefore, PeakStream is designed to be integrated, customized, branded, bundled, & supported by a business model that facilitates Partnership with software developers and ISVs. Find more information in the "Partners" area of this site, as well as contact information for the appropriate member of our team.

Key Benefits

  • Access to APIs
  • OEM Branding
  • Server Option
  • Open Architecture
  • Global Support